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Virtual Call Center

Operate a call centre with minimum cost & effort, no need for expensive hardware & maintenance contracts.  VCC can also add extra capacity to existing call centers by integrating home workers.  Or can be deployed as a 100% home worker system. Full reporting & call recording.

Call Whisper

If you’re answering calls for more than one business, how do you tell which business or service the caller is ringing up about?  Simple! Call whisper, the Agent hears an announcement before connecting to the caller, allowing them to address the caller correctly.

VoIP, Hosted Systems & Handsets

Creative Telecoms has fantastic solutions for every business. From a single line installation to Fibre Optic connectivity. Compare our prices to our competitors, then give us a call. Click here to find out more...





Time of Day Routing

Unless you’re machine, no mere mortal can attend to the office phones 24/7. People need to go home; businesses need to shut. TDR can do many things to ensure the caller is either answered, informed of a better time to call, or offered the opportunity to leave a message which is immediately emailed to you 24/7.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a call distribution service that helps your customers locate the right department or people in your business regarding their call.

A classic example: Press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for accounts. We build IVR systems from the very simplest single levels with limited options to the complex multi levelled interactive IVR’s & booking systems. Please ask for a Demo IVR of your service, so we can show you what we are capable of.

Mid Call Divert

Mid Call Divert allows you to transfer an ongoing call to another person wherever they may be, brilliant for start up companies where operatives are working from different locations and only have mobiles. When used in conjunction with an IVR you give your business a massive communications edge.


Area Routing

Some businesses have offices scattered all over the country.  If you want your caller to be connected to the correct local branch then area routing is your solution, set the area routing by STD telephone codes or Post Codes.   Businesses can use one main number for advertising & marketing but have the callers diverted directly to your local branch. 

International Freephone Numbers

Need a Freephone number for China? A local rate number for Argentina? Maybe you’re considering advertising your products across Europe? Each country has its own version of the Freephone numbers........



Lines & Calls

Lines & Calls the very heart of any business.  Check out our fantastic costs on Lines & Calls Installation & Monthly rental, this includes ISDN, Single Analogue Lines, ports & transfers.  We have every possible tool to help you make the most from your Telecoms.

Please call for details 0800 019 1117

Voice 2 Email

This service allows you to create a multiple data-capture, where you can request the caller to either record voice or enter information using the telephone keypad (DTMF).  Recordings can then be either emailed directly to you once the call ends or the recordings can be stored on our secure remote servers. 

Call Recording

Call recording allows you to record incoming calls. You choose the level of recording.  All Calls – Random Calls – Stop & Start Call Recording during a call.  Call Recording either stored on a secure remote server or emailed after each call.  Fantastic for agent training & where regulatory conditions exist such as financial markets.

Greeting & Welcome Message

Greeting &Welcome Messages help you to give your callers the courtesy they deserve. A message to welcome your callers is a great way to show your respect and inform them of what will happen next during the call.

Telecoms Consultancy

Are you setting up a new business? Are you about to relocate or expand your workforce? Take the pain away, by bringing in Creative Telecoms as your consultant, we guarantee the best results, whatever project you’re undertaking.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing allows you to set up a queue on your Inbound numbers, callers can be given their number in the queue, the callers can listen to marketing messages which can be updated as often as required, callers can also be offered the option to “Breakout” of a queue and leave a voicemail2email message.

SMS & MMS Messaging

Communicate quickly, efficiently, directly and at low cost, with your potential and current customers.  SMS bulk text messaging from Creative Telecoms makes keeping in touch with potential clients simple, easy, & cost effective.

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