Time of day allows you to pre-plan your call routing in relation to the time it is. 

With this service, it is possible to welcome a caller by way of a personalised pre-connection message, route the caller to the preferred destination and provide a voicemail facility. All of this is configurable by time of day or day of week, and any messages left on the voicemail can be emailed to a designated address without any need to dial in to retrieve the message. 


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Sandals (Unique Caribbean Holidays)

Upon receipt of a call, the first thing the service does is to look at the normal hours settings. If the time is valid – it is a normal working hour during the normal working day – then the call will be routed to the user. If a call is received outside the hours of operation, the call will be diverted to the users voicemail account. If an attempt to route the call fails, because the user was already engaged on a call, the call will also be diverted to the users voicemail account.


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