Creative Telecoms can help you make the most of your advertising, media buying, and call handling.  

  • Independent of the Media buyers
  • Independent of the Call Center
  • Full knowledge of the practices of Call Centers
  • We work to help ensure the maximum ROI on spend
  • Creative Telecoms provide the non geographic numbers & all the features, we also provide the consultancy support & analysis on your behalf.

We cover the UK, Ireland & and western Europe.  Full statistical reporting of all calls, regardless of country of origin.No matter what size of advertising campaign you are looking to launch, leaflets though doors or multi-channel DRTV there are always questions to be asked. How well did the campaign preform? How well did our call center perform, should we continue to buy the same media/do the same thing? what’s the cost per sale compared to the costs of advertising? Fortunately Creative Telecoms have all of these answers and more besides.

Understand your campaigns right down the individual call, no more wasted media buying, streamline your business activities. Please get in touch today.

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DRTV – Outdoor – Web Based – Ad words – Press Based (UK-Europe-World Wide)

Creative Telecoms has a long & distinguished record of managing DRTV campaigns for over 15 years in the UK, Europe & Worldwide, and are considered a market leader in the UK.

Creative Telecoms consist of a dedicated group of professionals with vast experience of setting up & managing campaigns of all types & sizes.  No matter what type of campaign you are considering it will always achieve better results when run with Creative Telecoms as your Communications partner.

Creative Telecoms can supply you with telephone numbers which are local to the market you are working in for example USA 1-800 Italy 800, Germany 0800, Spain 0900, Sweden 200, Portugal 800, Ireland 1-800 & so on.  Using the correct number for the local market is vitally important in overcoming any customer reluctance to call generated by using a number the callers are not familiar with.

5"Since porting our Freephone number to Creative Telecoms, we have had a greater level of control over our marketing budget, because all of the calls are easily measured, this is due to the comprehensive reporting, also dealing with the customer services is quick, efficient and a pleasure. I would recommend to others."

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As with any advertising campaign the devil is in the detail, Creative Telecoms has an innate understanding of setting up and managing advertising campaigns including DRTV, outdoor, press & internet based campaigns.

Using the latest technology and telecoms platforms we can set up & manage any level of advertising or marketing campaign anywhere in the world. 

All campaign data including live up to the minute reporting is available in one place the Creative Telecoms web portal, this makes understanding your campaign simple and easy, allowing you to target you ads ant the correct media channel which also giving insight into conversion rates, etc. Which in turn generate the highest ROI possible?


An example of one of our International Campaigns:

  1. (Florida USA)

Based In Florida USA Creative Telecoms were asked to provide 0800 Freephone numbers for the UK, it soon became apparent during conversations that cash4gold were looking to run their campaigns. across Europe :                                    

Calls Minutes of Traffic FreePhone Numbers Active
236501 489424.12 150
31759 52324.00 50
43118 198074.53 200
10802 19561.00 70
1546 7559.94 120


Cash4Gold used Freephone numbers not only to measure not only the volume of calls generated form an individual TV spot, but also used different Freephone numbers for different day parts morning- afternoon & evening this gave Cash4Gold a unique insight into conversion rates for different day parts on the same TV channel.

DRTV New page UK image LIVE


All of the above call traffic was routed to call centres in the country of origin.  Each country had a customer service number which connected with Cash4Golds multi lingual Florida Call centre.

We have a huge amount of DRTV campaigns we could spend all day here writing about them, however if you’re considering a DRTV campaign anywhere in the world, get in touch with Creative Telecoms, a truly experienced partner for advertising.


A recent growth area of international Freephone is using local to market Freephone number on Google AdWords campaigns, if you use AdWords you will be aware of the amount of data that is generated for you via Analytics, well now the telecoms element can be analysed with the same detail. For further information on how using a phone number on your AdWords can transform your campaign please click here

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