Freephone Numbers

Cash4Gold Florida USA. See how C4G made the most of 0800 numbers to drive their DRTV campaigns......

Cash4gold one of the world's leading gold buying companies had worked a very successful business model in the USA, advertising on TV for interested parties to call a freephone number to request a sellers pack. Once received the caller would place there unwanted gold in the pack and return via registered mail to by weighed and given a buying price.

Cash4gold firstly brought this successful model to the UK where Creative Telecoms supplied some 375 individual Freephone numbers.

The numbers were used to quantify which TV stations not only had the greatest response but also the greatest conversion rates for callers requesting packs, using up to 3 different Freephone numbers on each TV channel morning afternoon and evening, using the three numbers allowed cash4gold to understand the very beast channel and very best time of the day to advertise.

On the basis of the successful UK and USA campaigns cash4Gold then decided to create campaigns across mail land Europe. Creative Telecoms provided Freephone numbers in a number of European countries, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Ireland & Spain.

Each country has its own version of Freephone numbers E.G. Ireland is 1-800, Germany is 0800 Italy being 900 . The numbers supplied by Creative Telecoms were local to their country of origin so there was no resistance to people calling.

The whole campaign was then monitored form the one web portal where comprehensive up to the minute reports were available. One pan European campaign, all managed from a PC in Florida USA.

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