Call Queuing for Business

Using queues with your Non-Geograpic number can really help with call management and caller retention. It allows callers to wait for a member of your team to free up as opposed to forcing the caller to leave a voicemail.

Whilst a caller is in a queue you can:

  • Play Sooting music to the caller.
  • Notify the caller where in the queue they are.
  • They can be provided with a breakout option to leave a voicemail.
  • You can also take the opportuninty to notify the caller of any marketing messages you may want to let them know about.   


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JML Direct

Key Features

  • Update the messages of the queue via the iPhone app.
  • You can select the maximum number of places in the queue, ranging from between five and unlimited.
  • You can determine the interval between Comfort Messages i.e. the amount of time taken to play waiting music before the Comfort message is replayed.
  • You can set the maximum amount of time a caller can remain in the queue for before being automatically disconnected.
  • You can let the caller know of their queue position.
  • You can select the waiting music by choosing from a pre-recorded list of musical styles.
  • You can choose an audio file to be played at the beginning of the call to let the caller know they are in a queue. This is known as the Initial Audio and can be chosen from a list of pre-recorded files, or a new audio file can be uploaded.
  • You can choose an audio file to be played at intervals while the caller is in the queue. This is known as the Comfort Message and is used to reassure the caller that their call is important.
  • Comfort messages can be substituted for marketing messages or to direct callers to your web site for answers.


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