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  • Alter your services where ever you are
  • Update marketing messages on your services
  • Manage your disaster recovery
  • View live statistical data


The Creative Telecoms App

At Creative Telecoms we're excited to announce the Creative Telecoms Control App, the very latest in Telecoms innovation.

CT phones


CT phone icon


  • Customisable services allow you to change routing and other call plan features on the move.

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  • Live to the minute reporting giving you vital statistics (answered/unanswered, duration etc) that allow you to plan, prepare and understand. 

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  • Recording & upload voice files & marketing messages to your services wherever you are in an instant.

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  • Instant access to previous recorded messages allowing you to switch to and frow between them at anytime. 

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Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) allows you the ability to change to your emergency routing plan at the push of a button, any time any place.


Using this App will revolutionise the way you manage your communications with your current & potential customers.  To use this app you will need to have an account & service/s running with Creative Telecoms.  Please call 0800 019 1002 or email  for more information regarding the App.