Disaster Recovery, "not worth having until you need it" We have a number of options in or DR portfolio depending on what you need to do to avert a Disaster in your business.

1, Voiceyou an app based service, simply record your message, upload contacts from Outlook, send message, the check the reports to see who has heard the message and who hasn't.  simple, effective, message management.  

2,  All Creative Telecoms numbers come with built in DR accessed via our Smartphone app change the routing of numbers in seconds.

3, Dynamic Broadcast This plan is most useful for delivering messages to your callers during large events or maybe even delivers important information to your employees. A typical scenario would be a disturbance at a sporting event and the whole stadium had to evacuate. From flicking the switch to your dynamic broadcast, you instantly provide information for the people in the stadium which includes employees of the disturbance to prevent any means of panic. 

Whatever type of DR your looking for Creative Telecoms can provide a soloution for your business.

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  • Take total control of your telecoms no matter what happens
  • Set up pre-configured plans
  • Change your routing at the flick of a switch
  • Access it via the iPhone App

Disaster Recovery

Are you a gambler? If the answer is Yes or No read on.

Chances of winning the lotto are 14 million to 1, so the chances of winning are to say the least slim. But hay its only £2 and you never know “it might be you” so in truth the gamble isn’t that big, unless of course this is your last £2?

5"People at Creative Telecoms have always provided sound advice and excellent service which is why we make the decision to choose Creative Telecoms to provide our telephony services. The back end IT systems are vital to the success of any business and with the help of Creative Telecoms we are making good progress in our new venture. "

JML Direct

So we understand both sides of the gamble a lot to win with very little to lose, just a flutter, no harm done.
Now consider what will happen if your Business Office Telecoms or Call Centre for any reason cannot take your customers calls, could be the weather, power outages, person digging roads with a mechanical digger (this one happens more often than you may think). Research shows that a business that loses their telecoms/communications for 10 days with be out of business within a year, a sobering thought.
This is why when you take telecoms numbers and/or services with Creative Telecoms Disaster recovery is built in at no extra cost, making sure you’re not gambling away your company’s future.

How it works:
Staff at Creative Telecoms will help you set up any number of alternative routing plans which can be stored online ready for use when the circumstances require. There can be multiple DR plans for different times of day or day of week depending on how you currently route your call traffic.

How do we switch to the DR routing plan?
Very good question. No point in setting up DR plans if you can’t then access a computer to switch to the alternative plan on! However we thought of this, the DR plans can be activated by two methods.

1, Log into a PC and select the DR plan you would like to activate, click and your done.
2, Access on your Smartphone via the Creative Telecoms Control App, simple quick & efficient.

So like many stories the moral of this one is to only gamble with what you can afford, £2 sounds fine, your business, well that’s another matter.
Life’s a gamble but there are sensible gambles in life and then there are.....

For further information on how Creative Telecoms DR can benefit your business please Call 0800 019 1002 or email