Voice Broadcast.

With Voice broadcast scripts can be configured as you like and can include IVR within the outbound leg of the call, with numerous options rather than just a simple outbound dialling campaign playing a single piece of audio.

You can configure options to connect with an operator in the event of a sales and marketing environment or for debt collection, to speak with an agent to make a payment or to agree a repayment schedule. Alternative scripts can be preloaded and played should the caller initially hang up on hearing the first, dialling out later on with an alternative script may capture the callers interest more.




Voice Broadcasts are cost effective and the average campaign we run comes in at a little under 2ppm including the outbound leg, the largest factor on cost is the size of the outbound campaign. Where these are small and infrequent they are usually priced as a fee due to the very low margin vs the setup and managing costs to run a small broadcast.

Please get in touch for further information on how Voice Broadcasting cane get your business heard or 0800 019 1002.