Disaster Management

Kernodoc NHS Trust - Disaster Recovery Telecoms

In the event that the BT fixed line network was to fail the doctors at Kernodoc HNS trust in Cornwall would still need a way to speak to emergency patients.

Creative Telecoms designed and built a system which would allow BT to re route the calls to a non geographic number with a bespoke routing plan attached, once the calls were diverted the emergency calls would be routed via the bespoke service which connects to 8 mobile phone handsets which are carried by Doctors.

The calls are delivered to the first available phone handset, with the calls moving on to the next available handset in the even of the first being busy making sure that even in times of telecoms network failure the patients are still the first consideration.

Creative Telecoms can supply off the shelf or bespoke disaster recovery telecoms solutions, to find out how we can benefit your business please call  0800 019 1002 or .

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