Welcome to VoiceYou, a simple app based program for your smartphone, simply record a message directly into your smartphone, select a list of recipients from Outlook, etc., and press send.  Each recipient will receive a call and when answering will hear the recorded message, here's the clever bit, there are reports on the app that tell you who has heard the message and who hasn't, so you know who received the information and who you need to get back to, this is especially helpful when the app is used as part of a Disaster Recovery Program.  

Simple - Cost effective - Invaluable  

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  • Simultaneously deliver a message to an unlimited number of people
  • Deliver Critical Information Instantly
  • Recipitents only need a phone


One Call Reach All

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VoiceYou is a Unique Voice based Communication Technology

VoiceYou allows a single caller to reach from one up to an unlimited number of people simultaneously. A technology that enables communication in a way like never before.



The message is delivered instantly

  • Recipients only need a phone, of any type, to receive the call, with no need of an Internet access.
  • The message is delivered instantaneously and simultaneously to all recipients, who can hear the genuine voice of the caller.
  • A traffic report is generated for each message delivery.
  • The service includes provisioning, configuration and full, on-going maintenance, management and monitoring. 

Key Use Case Studies

  • Capital markets

Deliver daily recorded market updates’ messages to an unlimited number of agents and brokers in a secure and real time fashion and get confirmation that recipients have received the call.

  • Travel industry

Instantaneously reach all travellers with real-time updates and alerts wherever they are, independently of whether Internet access is available, getting their immediate attention by means of a compelling phone ringing sound.

  • Government

Deliver important messages to citizens about local events and incidents even in disperse areas with no Internet access and to people that are not Internet savvy.

  • Corporate internal needs

Provide urgent sales updates to employees and agents in a safe manner with no need for them to read texts while driving their car.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which countries am I able to call using VoiceYou?
A. You can VoiceYou anyone, anywhere, anytime worldwide

Q. Will my contacts, emails, or information ever be sold or distributed?
A. Never! All of your information is solely the property of you and/or your company. VoiceYou respects your privacy and we will never share, sell, disclose, or release your phone numbers, contacts, email addresses, or any other information that is stored in your account. Only you and whoever you share your login and password with will have access to your VoiceYou account & information.

Q. Do you support phone calls to numbers with an extension?
A. Yes, VoiceYou supports numbers with extensions. VoiceYou supports every possible number connected to a „human receiver“, if its landline, a dumb phone or smartphone, doesn`t matter.

Q. Will I be billed for the calls to approve my phone number & record greetings?
A. No, we will not charge you or take credits from your account for these calls. Only calls to the group calls you set up through our premium service are charged.

Q. Are there any call restrictions on what I can say in my message(s)?
A. No. VoiceYou is a service provider and you are responsible for any and all content that is played during your calls.

Q. Will I be billed for calls that go unanswered or cannot be completed?
A. If an unanswered call is transferred to the receiver‘s voicemail, this is a completed call. However, you will not be charged for calls that cannot be completed.

Q. Which number will show up on the Caller ID of the people I choose to call?
A. A service number is allocated to you. You can advise us from which country and area you prefer the number to be associated with. This number will be used for all your distributed calls by your company.

Q. Can I schedule a specific date and time for my call to be sent out to everyone?
A. Yes, please contact the VoiceYou Key Account Management for time-delayed and scheduled Calls

Q. What happens when a call isn‘t picked up?
A. The Call will be left on the receiver’s VoiceYou App and/or on the receiver’s Voicemail. If the receiver neither have the App nor a Voicemail and the call isn’t picked up it’s an uncompleted call that won’t be charged.

Q. Can I import a list of phone numbers and contacts into the system?
A. Yes, you can by contacting VoiceYou Key Account Management.

Q. Are there any limits as to how many people I can send a call out to?
A. No, there is no limit. You can reach them all with just one call! Anytime, anywhere, with any phone worldwide!

Q. What is the optimal length for my calls?
A. When creating a call through VoiceYou we recommend that the message is at least 4 seconds in length to ensure an optimal delivery to all call recipients. An average call can be around 1 minute, as each call is charged per minute

Other Q&A’s

Q. What are the typical fields of operations, e.g. using VoiceYou for informing about news, statements etc.; depending on the verticals? Do we have any cluster?

A. VoiceYou features hundreds of different use cases, but the major fields of operation are the following:

  •  Security:

- emergency alerts to all employees (when Internet connection brakes down, only VoiceYou provides you with the opportunity to reach all employees in a matter of seconds, VoiceYou outperforms every old fashioned "call-tree")
- a VoiceYou call is authentic (receivers know the senders voice) and therefore safe, especially when used in school environments (e.g. parents receiving a VoiceYou call from their children’s teacher)
- communicating in a car VoiceYou is the best tool, as the voice commands enable the driver to send and receive calls without touching the phone nor losing control

  • Disaster Response:

- VoiceYou is the only tool to contact all students of a college in the same second with time critical information of any kind
- the first network to break down in any emergency situation is always the internet, VoiceYou still can reach all the people by phone (Tsunami, weather alerts, etc.)

  • Governments/Organizations

- get the message out / information of all kind / news … to supporters of a certain organization or project
- product call-backs to the public

  • Companies / Businesses

- internal communication with employees, staffing, team organisation
- Customer Relationship Management of all kinds
- polls and market research

  • Advertising:

- Every call send to customers or subscribers will be highly emotional, authentic and with a huge value for everyone listening.

  • Premium Rate Services:

- Users sign up to receive added value calls from their favourite artist, sports teams or from providers of other important information such as traffic alerts.
- Users receive calls on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Q. What are the typical arguments from a customer perspective against the solution (e.g. our CEO doesn’t find any time to record messages, time-consuming)?
A. VoiceYou is the least time consuming tool compared to all other mass communication tools. There is nothing faster AND that personal as record a call and send it to everyone. To record a call takes a couple of minutes, writing and the correction of emails to the whole staff are much more time consuming. Even writing a text message compared to a VY call takes far longer!

Q. What are the steps from an operational perspective to record and send a message? (User Guide existing)?
A. A user guide will be available as part of the Creative Telecoms Sales Tool Kit

Q. Who are the competitors and what Creative Telecoms is doing better?
A. There is no service worldwide available such as VoiceYou! All social media networks and messenger services such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. are based on an internet connection and the fact that users and receivers need to be registered on the platform. VoiceYou is available worldwide without an internet connection and there is no account or app needed by the receiver to receive VoiceYou calls.

Q. What will happen if I may have a question related to the message (e.g. if a flight has been canceled)? Can I let me connect to an agent directly?
A. Due to the company’s needs, it is possible to arrange every kind of menu functions in the case a recipient gives a call back to the phone number that has called him. He could leave a message or find additional options to hear the call again or even be connected to an additional service line. All by simply using his or her phone keys.

Q. Does the solution also include the possibility to offer t-t-s; converting website content to a phone message?
A. No, VoiceYou is a real person call distributed to many.



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