If your looking to set up new lines or add to your existing lines your in the right place, weather its PSTN, or ISDN Creative Telecoms will be able to put together a fantastic value for money package.

No matter where in the UK you are we can have lines installed in 7 days, and at a fraction of the cost you will be charged by BT.  Get in touch for a quick quote.

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  • Line Installations from £49.99
  • Great value Rental from £11.00
  • Super fast installation / switch over
  • Superior Customer Service
  • For VoIP telecoms, click here.

Any office in the 21st century should be equipped with reliable working lines as everything from broadband to alarm systems work through them.

There’s nothing exciting about lines and calls, except a reliable service and a good rate. Something Creative Telecoms does really well.

Line type overview and cost:

Analogue Lines (rental from £11.00 per month)

Analogue lines are the most basic phone lines. Analogue lines are a PSTN service rather than ISDN, and are still widely used for a variety of purposes such as alarm lines, a broadband carrier line, PDQ machines, or just as a simple phone line. perfect telecoms for a start up business.

Also available as Multi-Lines on one number for business use make or receive more than one call simultaneously 
Wide range of “Apps” available such as Call Minder, Call Divert etc.

ISDN2e (Rental from £25.99)

ISDN2e is a small intelligent digital business line service that comes with 2 channels on one connection, with the ability to line multiple connections together, allowing simultaneous calls. 
Benefits include:
Multiple simultaneous calls received & made. 
Never miss a call again. 
Maximize employee productivity.
Suitable for up to 8 digital lines (4 x 2 channel connections).
Ideal Small Business Telecoms.

ISDN30e (Rental from £12.50 per channel)

ISDN30e is the premium intelligent digital business line service – available from 8 channels (lines) up to 30 on a single bearer cable, and with the ability to use multiple bearers, ISDN30e is the most flexible business phone line service available.
ISDN30e is ideal for customers requiring any number of lines from 8 and above, it uses Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers allowing individual DDI numbers to be used for individuals, departments and marketing purposes.
Benefits include:
With 8 and up to 30 line channels available, multiple colleagues and even departments can all use a line at the same time.
Large Selection of DDI numbers (Come in blocks of 10)
Ability to port an existing single number as an SNDDI (Single Number DDI).
You can increase or decrease the number of channels very easily, in single channel increments.
With a minimum of 8 and a max of 30, easily choose how many lines you need, and get rid of the ones you don’t.  Ideal small business telecoms.