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  • Use SMS to engage or notify your customers
  • Low cost Bulk SMS and Short codes


You can manage SMS, MMS and email campaigns from your PC for fully measurable customer and employee communication.

Mobile messaging solutions for you to:

  • Improve customer relationships, services and efficiency
  • Deliver creative solutions and measurable results
  • Enhance mobile experience and revenues


Using proven technology adopted by leading brands, MultiSend provides you with a highly interactive web-based messaging service that allows you to create and send personalised messages via SMS, MMS and email – from one single product.

What's more, MultiSend has been designed to encourage one-to-one dialogue. By using a combination of message templates and simple rules, a personalised reply can be delivered for every inbound response — to acknowledge receipt ask a further question, or similarly, request action from one of your people. The options are endless.

MultiSend is fully scalable. Whether you have an audience of hundreds or millions, you can personalise each message or response, automating the process so that communication can be fast, frequent and incredibly cost-effective. Very useful for:

5"Norgren advertises its products worldwide. As marketers we needed a way of measuring the response to the locally based Freephone numbers placed in our worldwide advertisements, and determining the source of the phone call. Creative Telecoms had the perfect solution, the Freephone number supplied were recognisable to the local audience whether in Spain, France, Austria, Italy, Portugal or Ireland and all of the numbers run via the UK based Creative Telecoms platform which gives us unprecedented reports of call activity.


  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Customer surveys
  • Appointment & payment reminders
  • Service announcements
  • Renewals
  • Employee communications

Operating as a standalone application or integrated seamlessly with your back-office systems, you will achieve higher response rates and greater insight into your customers' demands and behaviour. You will increase the productivity of your team, boost your marketing results, gather valuable intelligence and drive sales.


Customers Benefits


  • Engage your customers and achieve results.
  • Improve response rates and deliver measurable results.
  • Ease of use and low cost allows you to achieve more from your market resources.
  • Greater customer insight, feedback and data collection.
  • Enhanced customer experience leads to improved retention, relationships and loyalty.
  • Efficiency gains through integration with back office systems.


 Customer Services

Deliver the best levels of service possible.

  • Instant feedback to appointment and payment reminders, or announcements.
  • Personalised messages makes customers feel more valued.
  • Reduced burden on call centre staff.
  • Process efficiencies.


Employee Communications

Optimise workforce effectiveness.

  • Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Low cost staff communication channel.
  • Ideal for alerting staff about unplanned incidents or changes, emergency situations and latest performance.
  • Instant staff feedback.

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