Small Business Telecoms Systems

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No matter how small your business is, the communication hurdle is always going to need vaulting. With the wide array of technonlogies, systems and offers out there it can be a nightmare to navigate this minefield.

With over 15 years' in the buiness of supplying SMEs - there's no one better to see you through to telecoms safety. From personal account managers, to lightning fast turn around times, instant quotes and first class customers service - you've chosen the right supplier. 

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Please contact us to discuss any pricing queries. 0800 019 1002 -

Product Installation Rental
Single Analogue Line £55.00 £12.50
Unlimited Broadband* £19.95 £19.99
Multiline £55.00 £12.50
Phone Switch** £375.00 N/A
0800/0844 Non-Geographic 7.50 £10.00
(IVR) Interactive Voice Response*** £5.00 £5.00

*   Broadband speeds up to 24mb down
** Prices is for basic refurbished switch. Cost includes: hardware, two handsets & line cards.
*** IVR free with NGN number only valid on simple/basic one level IVR.

T&C's Apply

No matter the size or how niche the business is, the communication hurdle is always going to need vaulting.
Simple things like:

  • Single analogue line/s (Line Rental).
  • CPS (The ability to make calls from said line/s).
  • Broadband.

The list above are the bare essentials for any business that is actively operating in business.
If you are operating without these, we’d advise you to stop reading and contact us immediately.

As said, these are just the bare essentials, and your businesses communications could be enriched to a much higher standard thus working better for you and your customers.

Things such as:

• Phone Switches.
• Multiline (Used in conjunction with a Switch for simulations calls).
0800 & 0844 Numbers.

These products are all common products that are extremely relevant to Small Business sector.

Our most common product sold to small businesses are Phone Switches, that when used in conjunction with Multiline or ISDN provide your business with the ability to make and receive simultaneous calls. This is a large step up from single lines, and one that many businesses are faced with as they expand.

0800, 0844, etc. Non Geographic Numbers are versatile and cost effective ways for small businesses to engage with their calling customers, especially when used in conjunction with an IVR multi option menu.

Non Geographic Numbers (0800, 0844,0871 etc) benefits:

  • If you move office, it can be taken with you. No need to re-number.
  • Detailed reports of calls.
  • Numerous services can be attached such as IVR.
  • Calls delivered to numerous destinations all at once, or in  sequence. (Landline, mobile even international destinations).
  • Full reporting (crucial for advertisers and marketers).

IVR benefits:

  • Calls routed directly to the right areas of your business.
  • Greetings and recordings are professional and give the impression  of a large professional business.
  • Location and opening hours details can be uploaded.
  • Calls can be held in a queue.


At the top tier of Small Business products we have:

  • Fibre Optic Broadband.
  • ISDN2e.



Creative telecoms has broadband choices to suit everybody. Amoungst them is fibre optic broadband for power users right down to the cheapest broadband ADSL.

We have great value phone and broadband deals at a discounted price and we can even provide broadband without line rental vastly improving your broadband choices with us. 

For further information please call 0800 019 1002 or email