About Us

Creative Telecoms was started in 1999 by current MD Steve Forkin. After working in the deregulated telecoms industry for a number of years Steve saw a lot of deficiencies in the way that the majority of resellers & telecoms companies were managing the way they conducted their business, too often customers were shoe horned into systems that were not 100 % beneficial to the their needs.

In the land grab that began after the deregulation of the telecoms industry in the 1990s, it seemed that getting a signature on a contract was the be all and end all, regardless of the customer requirements.

So in 1999 Steve began the classic start-up company in the spare bedroom, where the customer was the focus of the business, this customer centric view was apparent in 1999 as it is today.

“Keeping the central focus on the customer has always been the mantra at Creative Telecoms and over the past years it has served us & our customers very well, there are no short cuts in supplying premium services, to our clients, as we both want the best outcome”

Operating as a reseller for a number of the large wholesale telecoms companies creative telecoms began to build a strong client portfolio. Within a year Creative Telecoms moved into their first offices in Battersea Park Rd, South London. As the business continued to expand another move was on the cards and in December 2004 Creative Telecoms, moved to the Southbank SE1 where the company has now resided for the past 12 years.

Creative Telecoms was originally focused in inbound call traffic 0800s, 0844s, etc. However over the past number of years the company has developed into a full service telecoms supplier, with an internal specialization on managing High volume DRTV/Advertising & Marketing Campaigns in the UK-Ireland and Western Europe.

Creative Telecoms has always kept a keen eye on innovation in the market place, and has continued to remain at the forefront of technology, an example of this can be seen in both the inbound platforms and VoIP/Hosted PBX platforms we use, giving our clients the very best services available today.

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