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IVR phone systems are the most versatile tool in the telecoms arsenal. Cost effective and professional, these are a must have for all modern businesses. 

The fact that over 75% of UK businesses and 37% of international businesses utilize an IVR of some sort gives an indication to the level of benefits. 
Businesses that do not utilize IVRs are often seen as aging, failing businesses that lack innovation, drive and technological focus to connect with their customers and audience.

Please note: Creative Telecoms offer free demonstration IVRs for any IVR enquiries made. (Complex/bespoke IVR demos cannot always be done as they need to be built from scratch which incurs costs).

All IVRs need a Non-Geographic number and a business phone line to run from/on.

The list below is a portion of the IVR's we can supply you with. Whatever type of IVR your looking for be assured Creative Telecoms can supply it.

  • Automated Payment Taking
  • Invoice Payments
  • Insurance Renewals
  • Meter Readings            
  • Customer Surveys
  • Ticket Booking
  • IVR Payments                      
  • IVR Booking
  • IVR Database
  • Hosted IVR     
  • Ring Back IVR
  • IVR Auto Attendant
  • Navigation IVR
  • Web Based IVR
  • IVR Speech Recognition
  • IVR Voice Capture
  • Agent Assisted Payments              
  • PCI-DSS Compliant               

5"I have worked with Creative Telecoms for 10 years across the various companies that I have been a Director of including JML, Relevant TV and The Broadcast House. Creative Telecoms have always given us excellent customer service, great deals that always suit our specific requirements whilst keeping us fully abreast of the new technologies in telephony. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to the DRTV industry."

The Broadcast House

What is IVR?

If you're unsure what an IVR is, please check out our blog post dedicated to answering that question!

Simple IVR

A simple IVR is a call distribution service that helps your customers locate the right department or people in your business regarding their call.

This removes the need for every call being physically answered by a receptionist and then redirected to the right person or place.

Most of us have used this sort of service multiple times in the form of: 

Press 1 for Customer service
Press 2 for Sales
Press 3 for all Other queries.

As such, the caller is welcomed by an automatic prerecording when they call the NGN number, and are provided with customisable options with different destinations decided entirely by you.

 Voicemail and Queuing facilities can also be used for an enhanced user experience. IVRs also work well with Time of Day routing. 

Benefits of a simple IVR

• Enhanced customer experience.
• Seriously professional Image.
• Less time spent connecting callers to the right persons (increased productivity).
• Free Creative Telecoms call reports.
• Unanswered calls can be held in a queue (see Call Queuing).
• Creative Telecoms free demo.

Simple IVR pricing and cost

Free with a Non-Geographic number. *T&Cs apply


Complex IVR

IVRs can, and do get complicated. This is when it is used not only to direct people as a simple IVR does, but for recording information/data the caller inputs. This is often called Data Capture.

Data can be captured by the caller using the keypad (Know in telecoms as DTMF) or by recording what the caller says.

Examples of this could be: Pass codes & passwords, bank, debit or credit card details or surveys for research purposes etc.

Information recorded by data capture can then be sent to databases or email addresses.

Due to the complexity of these sorts of IVRs it is best to call us and speak to someone on our team to discuss what you need your IVR to do for you. Call 0800 019 1002.

Benefits of a Complex IVR

• Bespoke; we can build almost anything imaginable.
• Data delivered direct via email or stored securely on our servers.
• Perfect for surveys and to gather information for use. Versatile uses.
• Payment IVR systems are in accordance with PCI-DSS requirements.

Complex/Bespoke IVR Pricing and cost

Pricing and costs for complex/bespoke IVRs vary widely. As a result we would ask that you contact us directly for pricing information.


Whatever you're looking for Creative Telecoms has the answers. If you don't see what you're looking for don't panic, you can get hold of a member of our team on 0800 019 1002 alternatively email .


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