IVR Calls Delivered To The Correct Department

JML Direct use IVR to stream line their customer experience. Find out how.....

JML had an issue with the volume of calls generated from DRTV advertising. DRTV advertising can be difficult to contain due to the "spiky" nature of the call flows. Call centre agents working on DRTV campaigns are typically under employed one moment and over employed the next.

The problem faced was to route callers to the correct department, Credit card purchases, customer services & cheque &postal order purchases.

This was achieved by separating the calls by type. For example a caller wanting to purchase was directed to press one where a dedicated team were waiting, the other types of calls, such as callers who wanted to pay by cheque or postal order were given audio instructions while customer service calls were routed to JML house to be dealt with internally.

This service made sure that the callers were connected to the correct department, with the agents making sales not disturbed by callers they could not deal with or help.

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