Fax2Email (F2E)

F2E is a simple service that allows you to receive Fax's withou a fax machine.  Faxs are sent directly to your nominated email address as an attachmant in .PDF format.  No more wasted reams of fax paper & lost or spoilt faxes, also with the added advantage that your faxes can be delivered to your smartphone, in effect your faxes follow you.


5"Since porting our Freephone number to Creative Telecoms, we have had a greater level of control over our marketing budget, because all of the calls are easily measured, this is due to the comprehensive reporting, also dealing with the customer services is quick, efficient and a pleasure. I would recommend to others."

Churchill Retirement Living

Prices for F2E start at £3.50 per month a small price for a great service please get in touch for further details,  or Call 0800 019 1002.