Call whisper for Non-geograpic numbers.

Ideal If you have a number of a different business running from one office or are running a virtual call centre with multiple clients with all numbers routing to one phone.

Call whisper is great for when you have more than one business and need to differentiate between which calls are relevant to what business.

Network Whisper will inform you which number the customer is calling from before you speak to the caller. The service simply 'whispers' the information to you and prepares you to answer the call correctly. This is also extremely useful for call centers and call handling companies.

  • Professional Call Answering.
  • iPhone app for reporting or disaster recovery.
  • Customer Recorded Messages.
  • Handle Multiple Campaigns.
  • Optimum line Usage.
  • Can be used with IVR.

If you would like further information on the benefits of Call Whisper please call 0800 019 1002 or email