Creative Telecoms have a long and distinguished history of supplying Telecoms services to Advertising Agencys & Media buyers on behalf of thier clients and here are the reasons why:

    • Proof that advertising spend is effective
    • # of calls per spot/per ad routed to the call centre
    • #of calls answered by client call centre
    • Call length, what happed during the call
    • 3rd Party independent oversight
    • Clients see how the advertising & call centres are preforming.
    • Clients with successful Telecoms based campaigns are more likely to invest in advertising in the future
    • Creative Telecoms will keep the Inbound Call centre "Honest" on your direct response campaign

5"Since porting our Freephone number to Creative Telecoms, we have had a greater level of control over our marketing budget, because all of the calls are easily measured, this is due to the comprehensive reporting, also dealing with the customer services is quick, efficient and a pleasure. I would recommend to others."

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