January 2018 Offer

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Make the Most out of your Telecoms 2018

Telecoms offering for the month – January 2018.


 Happy New Year from Creative Telecoms!

Quote this offer between now and your next bill and enjoy a 10% discount off your first month’s bill when you take any of the services below! 

With the start of the new year you may be considering starting afresh in a new workspace and here is how Creative Telecoms can get you up to speed with the most modern business telecoms available on the market;

•  Entice prospective customers with a freephone number.  All our numbers come with full statistical reel-time reporting, so you can track your call flow or if you have multiple numbers for advertising purposes you can see where you’re receiving the most traffic and therefore benefit from more targeted marketing. 

• Manage call flow with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service. In addition to giving your business a national image, our nongeographic numbers come with the bonus of being able to have an IVR service built onto the back of them. Allowing for calls to be routed to the right departments or to your call handlers. IVR isn’t just limited to call routing we can also build to accommodate the functionality of handling payments, preforming surveys, the list is endless! 

• Stay ahead of the game with the fastest broadband available. As businesses develop it becomes more and more imperative that there is fast and reliable broadband. We can deliver anything from low usage ADSL to lightning fast Fibre Optic broadband with the flexibility to adapt alongside your business, a short installation time, and to top it all off at a low cost! 

• Make use of Europe’s most advanced phone system.  With a new broadband connection, why not make use of a VoIP phone system? Having the ability to have a single DDI connected with multiple devices is perfect for the modern workforce so that a call is never missed!

This has all the functionality of a conventional wall mounted phone switch but none of the ongoing maintenance costs and inevitable redundancy that follows. If you sign up to a 3 year deal, you will receive top of the range Panasonic handsets at no extra cost! 

If any of this is of interest to you then contact us on the details below for a free consultation and we can start planning to bring your telecoms into 2018 together! 

For further information contact us on – 0844 249 2864 or email Matt Whiting at  ; We look forward to hearing from you! 

The Creative Telecoms Team

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