Forget everything you've ever known about telephone systems

on Wednesday, 21 September 2016. Posted in blog

A VoIP - Cloud Based PBX Like No Other

Forget the hassle of setting up a new employee's workspace and the extra cables and wiring you need to connect their new extension on your telephone system. Forget how expensive it is to forward calls from an office extension to an employee's mobile phone or home office, with charges payable on every single call. Forget the expensive long-term maintenance contracts and the additional costs when you want to upgrade your telephone system with the latest features. You can also forget about all the effort it takes to move your telephone system to new offices.


Your telephone system does not need to physically be in your office. Your rolling monthly contract can be terminated with just one month's notice. And thanks to VoIP technology (Voice over IP, Internet telephony) you can also safely dispense with special telephone lines. With NFON you rent a telephone system that is tailored to your needs. You decide how many extensions you need and what features you want to use - in addition to the 150 functions that are available to you right from the very first extension.


Upgrade to a VoIP and a telephone system that makes you geographically independent, both in terms of administration and use. You can use your office number from anywhere - even on your smartphone.

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 So if your business is  considering  upgrading to VoIP,  everything you need  is right here from as  little as £10.99 per  seat/license, up to 4  connections (Mobile,  Laptop, Desk Top,  and Handset) so you  never miss another  call.  All the above  plus a FREE  Panasonic Desk  Handset and free  minutes to UK  Landlines & mobiles.  With more features and benefits that any other VoIP system available in the UK.

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