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Cloudya is a telephone system that is reliable, independent, and easy to use. Learn more about what Claudya is by watching the following video.

There are over 150 functions with Cloudya. These include:

Cloud telephone system Source based call forwarding - Virtual fax machine - National and international numbers

Call management Call queueing - Call routing - Voicemail - IVR - CLIP - CLIR

Device integration Zero touch provisioningPhone menus

Modern app suite One-number concept - Native smartphone integration - Moderated audio conferences

Telecommunication applications - CTI

Additional software Operator panel 

With Cloudya you can also choose to communicate through any device. Whether it be your mobile phone, desk phone, PC, or laptop... the choice is up to you. 


You can use Cloudya in many different ways. These include:


  • Manage your conferences 
  • Use authentication (hosts and attendees)
  • Invite, mute, and remove participants 

Incoming calls

  • Answer and decline calls
  • Deflect calls to voicemail
  • Forward calls

Outgoing calls 

  • Make calls
  • Transfer calls
  • Three-way calls

Call history 

  • Add numbers to phone book
  • Add numbers to function keys
  • See received, missed, incoming, and outgoing calls


  • Listen to voicemails in app
  • Forward voicemails to email
  • Store up to 100 voicemails

Advantages of using a cloud telephone system

Cloudya uses the internet to make and recieve calls meaning you can use its features wherever you have access to the internet. The system used is flexible, scalable and simple to use. Cloudya does not require long-term contracts and has a low set up cost.

The technology behind Cloudya

The technologys is Hosted PBX or IP Centrex. It is operating in highly secure external data centres, rather than being installed locally, reached by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  via the Internet.This makes relocations and expansions simple as you are saved the cost and space of an on-site telephone system and harware can be used with other VoIP systems.


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