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Reign in your communications and control how your customers contact you. With Non-Geographic Numbers you can engineer how you and your customers interact.  Improve the ease with which you interact with customers or make their lives more difficult. The choice is yours.


Non-Geographic Number Benefits

  • You choose where calls go (and at what time)
  • Ring as many phones as you want
  • Complete call statistics
  • Choose how much your callers pay
  • Automatically direct calls to the best staff
  • Take payments. Free up staff.
  • Location proof your business
  • Local numbers available across the world
  • Smartphone App. Stats. Control.
  • Tools to measure advertising impacts
  • Same day setup
  • First Class Support


Product Menu

Number Types & Features <link>
    All the number types we offer. All the benefits and features they’re packing.
IVR/Auto Attendant <link>
    See clever ways in which you can interact with your callers. Improve efficiency.
Agent Ready <link>
    Helps you and your staff log in and out of helplines.
Disaster Recovery <link>
    Disaster proof your communications. Resilience is key.
Smartphone App
    Complete control from your smartphone