If you’re looking for a fantastic Value for Money Outbound Automatic Dialler, the Call Pilot Pro is the Services your business has been dreaming of. Streamline your sales activities, Increase productivity with this easy to set up, easy to use, value for money dialler.   Should you have any questions please call or email.
Email or Call 0800 019 1002
24H Set Up - Full PBX Features - Integrated Inbound Call Management - Fully Hosted - No Hardware Required

Call Pilot Pro is a Powerful and versatile dialler designed to revolutionise your outbound calling, giving you Intelligent tools to multiply your call team's output and ultimately your ROI.


Automate Calls - Capitalise on Efficiecy

Call Pilot Pro automates the process of making lage volumes of calls in Predictive, Progressive and Preview modes using intelligent algorithms that ensure your agents are efficiently calling as many prospects as you want yet minimises the chance of a caller answering when no agents are available.

Note: If you cannot afford to miss any calls, Preview mode will ensure that no calls are missed.
Note: Call modes can be customised to be as agressive or as controlled as you like.


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Multiply Productivity by 300%

Call Pilot Pro filters out numbers with bad call results - like busy, no answer and unobtainable. Agents recieve customisable flow of connected calls enabling them to talk for up to 50 minutes per hour.

Lead & Data Penetration

Maximising your ROI means keeping lead costs low and data penetration high. The dialler finds duplicates in your data and drives faster penetration rates by design. You'll have accurate data penetration stats to prove it!

Monitor Performance in Real Time

Fild out what's working and what can be improved. A hosted dialler give you instant visibility over performance, campaign objectives and list penetration.

CRM Integration

Continue to use your current CRM or one of the leading CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Bright Office and Zoho - all of which easily integrate with Call Pilot Pro.

Workflow Automation

Automate tasks from dialling to recording calls and sending follow-up material. Keep service quality high, eliminate manual errors all while keeping your costs low, your agents on calls and working from the interface they know - your CRM.

Utilise Intelligent Scripting

when a call is connected, your agent is automatically presented with the correct script, keeping every call on the message while dramatically improving customer service delivery and the introduction of new agents.

Delighted customers

Automated follow-ups, call schedulling, and call dispositioing wont just save you time. By eliminating manual error, workflow automation helps you successfully deliver against customer service expectatons.

Build a Happier Team

There's nothing fulfilling about wasted hours dispositioing calls orschedulling callbacks. A hosted dialler automates these dull, repetative tasks, improving agent morale and the ability to hit targets.

Scale to suit your needs

A hosted dialler and hosted telephony can instantly grow or shrink as your business demands. So you can run a small yeam or hundreds of agents - witout paying for seats you don't need.


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