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Business Phone Line Installation

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line installation

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Business Phone Lines are the workhorses of modern business communications. From broadband to telephone calls - nothing would be able to happen without the basic telephone line.

All lines are installed by Openreach no matter which supplier you go with. The trick with a Business Phone Line Rental is to choose a supplier that has a high degree of customer service, and great value - non fluctuating prices. Principles that Creative Telecoms adhere to.    

Line Rental From £12.19 - Line Installations From £84.49...


Switch to us. Through our superior service, your Line Rental is better off with us.

At Creative Telecoms we take pride in what we deliver to our customers, we believe that the greatest asset we possess is our commitment to high quality Customer Service with an added personal touch. This very often singles us out from other suppliers.


Our staff and account managers are always happy to help you, and will always advise you with your business' best interest in mind. Choosing us as a supplier could save you the headaches and hassles commonly experienced when dealing with some of our competitors.


Contact us, and switch your Line installation to us today!

Save yourself from headaches and hassles. Contact us to switch your Line Rental today, we'll handle the whole process for you and there will be no loss of service. You can do so by contacting us or by sending us a quote request.

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If you're unsure, need persuading or would like to discuss it, our members of staff are happy to help. Click here to contact us for assistance. If you're looking for more information pertaining to Line Rental, please click here.

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*Prices vary depending on quantity bought - displayed price is for a quantity of 10 individual lines.

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