10 Reasons Why Call Pilot Pro Is Your Perfect Outbound Calling Solution

on Wednesday, 25 November 2015. Posted in blog

Call Pilot Pro - Solution

What is Call Pilot Pro? 

Call Pilot Pro is a powerful and versatile dialler designed to revolutionise your outbound calling. You may be wondering what it is exactly that makes Call Pilot Pro the amazing outbound solution that it is? It's so simple. I have outlined the top ten reasons why Call Pilot Pro is the ultimate outbound calling solution for your business. 

1) Automate Calls - Capitalise on Efficiency

Call Pilot Pro automates the process of making large amounts of calls in three modes: 

  • Predictive
  • Progressive
  • Preview

All three of these modes use intelligent algorithms in which ensure your agents are being efficient in calling as many prospects as you want, based on the targets you give each agent. The Call Pilot Pro dialler minimises the chances of a caller answering when an agent isn't available. 

2) How Does It Multiply Productivity By 300%?

Call Pilot Pro allows you to filter out numbers with bad call results. So if a number is 'busy' or 'unavailable' you can filter out these numbers rather than waste valuable time trying to get an answer on the other end of the line. 

3) Lead & Data Protection 

Using Call Pilot Pro dialler helps maximise your ROI - keeping lead costs at a minimum and data protection at a high. 

4) Can I Monitor Performance In Real Time? 

The answer is YES. Call Pilot Pro helps you monitor what is working and what elements need to be improved, which in the long term may well contribute to more prospects. 

5) You Can Integrate Your CRM System 

You can continue to use your current CRM Systems or if you wanted to migrate to one of the leading CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force, Bright Office or even Zoho - they can be integrate into the Creative Telecoms Call Pilot Pro Service. 

6) Call Pilot Pro Can Integrate Your Workflow

You can automate tasks from dialling to recording calls and even sending follow-up materials to your prospects. All in which keeps the service quality high and keeps the margin for manual errors at a minimum. 

7) The Call Pilot Pro Dialler Utilises Intelligent Scripting 

When a call is connected your agent is automatically presented with the correct script, meaning it helps every call on the message in the short term dramatically increasing customer service delivery. 

8) Delight Your Customers

You can decrease your margin for error from simply saving time with the following built in features to Call Pilot Pro

  • Automated follow up with prospects
  • Call scheduling
  • Call dispositioning

9) Contributes to Building and Maintaining a Happier Team 

Keep your employees motivated and keep them efficient rather than wasting hours trying to schedule and disposition calls, a hosted dialler automated all these tasks improving every agent's morale. 

10) Scale to Suite Your Needs 

Call Pilot Pro eliminates the purchase of additional seats when wanting to grow as your business demands. The Call Pilot Pro system can grow or shrink depending on your business demands. 

We at Creative Telecoms recommend Call Pilot Pro to any business as it's simply the perfect outbound calling solution

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